About Us

For thousands of Nigerians, Payment Solutions© means International Payments today. Global Trend Network Limited, owners of Payment Solutions, has been around since March 2001 and we have been making international payments since February 2004. We are the trusted and secure payment company and the ONLY way to make a payment abroad. We are trusted by individuals, big and small organisations to make the payment for them.

Our customers trust us to make payments for them both online and offline internationally. We make the payments by Credit Card, Cheques, Money Orders, Western Union, Money Gram, Telegraphic Transfer (Wire), PayPal, Nairapro, eGgold, and Cash; all in the currencies of the Merchant whom they are paying to.

Payment Solution is the only WAY to make payments from Africa to any Merchant worldwide. We are the solution to all your payment problems.

Having realized that the challenge ahead in the industry are enormous, we have come up with a team of seasoned, young and dynamic professionals, with experience acquired from various reputable firms, carefully orchestrated for positive synergic output. So when you encounter our services you would be sure you are about to get the best which is what we promise to give to you because we do know you deserve it.

Over time, we have acquired technical and management skills, which have proven to be more than adequate to match the increasing need for prudence and proper service delivery our business partnerships and alliances have even made carrying on the service we render to you a whole lot easier.

What we do
We are into rendering services of a financial nature we acquire for Nigerians who wish to own personally credit cards with which they can make online payments for services they require at a minimum charge. Our ongoing talks with some banks and American companies offering to make available at request credit cards for Nigerians which they can have reloaded from time to time is also making waves as at the moment we have acquired such cards for over 50 persons who are currently using the cards your statement is made available to you on request and as you make payments its reflected on you statement.

Apart from this the service for which many have come to know us for is the service of making for you all payments you require to make online and also sending your western union, making your paypal payment for you ,shipping your goods from any part of the world to Nigeria, purchasing downloadable items, loading your credit card, paypal or egold accounts and withdrawing from them as well, purchasing goods for you from all major and popular auction sites sending cheques to those companies that would only accept that as a means of payment making all the necessary efforts to ensure that the service is rendered is our duty to you so if a call needs to be made, a confirmation has to be sent, a visit needs to be made then we will do all that to ensure you get good service rendered to you at your first visit and always.

Our Affiliations
In affiliation with 19jawebhosting we offer the best rates for all your Domain names Registartion, Web Hosting Services, Website design, Custom scripting and all other forms of multimedia services visit them at www.19jawebhosting.com.

In affiliation with 19ja we are also a representative and a marketing company for the management of the site www.19ja.com which is a portal dedicated to letting people all over the world know about Nigeria most services on the site are free emails, dating, hall of fame, e-cards chatting and lots more sign up today at www.19ja.com.

In affiliation with GTN mobile we also import and market different brands of mobile phones which you can either place a request for or come see what we have for sale and make a choice from at the best prices.

In affiliation with our US and UK partners we also render the service of getting your credit cards on time and making sure they are loaded as required and when necessary.

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