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Refund Policy
Once we have a made a payment/attempt payment, and a client requires a refund, we charge a 20% fee on your commission and refund the rest to you intact with the sum you handed to us for the payment. This will be done as soon as we are able to ascertain that the money has been refunded by the company or merchant we paid to; and a 24 hours service refund will be rendered to you.

Payment once made to us and service rendered are not refundable

Service time is between 24-48 hours from the time of payment received from you.

Exchange rates is at the Parallel Market Rate

We will not be held responsible for delivery times of items purchased once we have confirmed that payment have been made by sending confirmation receipt. Our liability ends after successful confirmation of payment to recipient from merchant.

We are unable to dictate delivery times for items purchased.

Due diligence for the payment requirement is the duty of the customer. We will not liable for any wrong doing once payment is confirmed.

Service Fee is charged for single transactions

Refunds at the rate at which payment was received from you.

Purchase of physical items requiring shipping to Lagos will be handled by GTNN LLC except otherwise requested and would take anytime between 7-14days from date of confirmed payment.

Payment for freight of physical items will be made to us on behalf of GTNN LLC in Lagos when the items become available for pickup.

For shipping items above 50kg would require a down payment of 50% of the charge for shipping before the item is shipped to Lagos.

All physical items are shipped and expected to be picked up at our Lagos office, shipping to other states will attract additional charges.

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