Online Payments
We make all your online payments for goods and services. Depending on your requirements, we make payments by credit card, electronic cheque and PayPal. All our clients need to do is find what they want to purchase, the value, and we will make the payments for a small charge. Many of our clients have been known to shop on E-bay, Amazon and other online stores and the payments made for them within 24hours.

Physical Payments
Unlike other payment companies, our organisation has gone two steps ahead in order to provide you with international physical payments. These are payments that can not be made online. We make these payments with Cheques, Money Orders, Bank draft (Banker’s Cheques), Wire Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer), Physical Cash Deposit, and Western Union. Depending on which is preferred by our clients, our clients are assured of a prompt payments service.

Physical and Virtual Debit Card
You can now own your own Visa Debit Card in your own name and address through our Debit Card Facility. We offer two types of Visa cards, the Physical plastic Card and the Virtual Visa Card.
The Physical Visa Card (Plastic Card) is available to our clients who are interested in both online and physical card usage. It is acceptable wherever Visa (Credit/Debit) card is accepted worldwide and can download for cash at all ATM machines globally. This is also very useful for people who travel abroad often.

The Virtual Visa Card is available for online shopping. Owners of this card can shop at any store online where Visa card is accepted. more

We undertake the shipping of goods and documents from USA and UK to any part of the world at very competitive rates. We have three categories of shipping which are: the expedited shipping, the regular express shipping and the regular shipping. In agreement with GTNNLLC USA we are now offering rates for shipping that are unbeatable there is also tracking for items shipped from them there is also procurement services been offered. See for terms .

Domain Registration and Web Hosting
Through our affiliate company, we register domain names at very competitive rates. Our hosting facility is also worth noting as the services are unique and the price unbeatable. For more on this, please visit

Virtual Office

– Prestigious Registered Office Address
– Self-Collection of Mails & Parcels
– Receive clickbank cheques
– Customer Service via email for parcel and mails update
– US/UK presence

Anonymous IP

Our anonymous IP is a VPN service that gives you the opportunity to browse the internet anonymously, using a USA, UK or EU IP.

* Get a real IP for in place of your REAL IP
* Be in USA/UK while you are still in Nigeria
* Strong encryption stops even your ISP from checking your browsing history
* Prevent Identity Theft such as passwords or credit card numbers) when you’re connecting from wireless or remote locations.
* You can access the system from any number of computers simultaneously! This means you can use the service while traveling, at work, at school, or away from home.
* Choice of IPs in : USA ( California + New York + Texas + Ohio) , GERMANY ( Berlin ), Slovakia & Czech
….. starting at $45 for 6 months

Web Design
For professional, classic web designing, you are at the right place. We do web designing from the scratch with original Concepts and Custom Scripting and all other forms of Multimedia services that can not be found anywhere else online. Our Motto: NO TEMPLATES, NO COPY, STRAIGHT FROM US guides us in our conceptualising every web site based on the need of the organisation or persons involved. For samples of our web site and more information, please visit

Bulk SMS
In affiliation with, we are now offering bulk at about the best rates you can get anywhere in Nigeria. We would send your sms for you to over 100,000 working mobile numbers cut accross all the mobile networks in Nigeria.

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